[Update] a few issues were brought up in the comments:

您的 passwd 命令可能没有 --stdin 选项:使用 chpasswd实用程序,如 .

Your passwd command may not have a --stdin option: use the chpasswd

utility instead, as suggested by ashawley.

如果您使用 bash 以外的 shell,echo”可能不是内置命令linux passwd命令,并且 shell 将调用 /bin/echo.这是不安全的,因为密码将显示在进程表中linux passwd命令,可以使用 ps 之类的工具查看.

If you use a shell other than bash, “echo” might not be a builtin command,

linux passwd命令_linux passwd 命令_linux中passwd命令

and the shell will call /bin/echo. This is insecure because the password

will show up in the process table and can be seen with tools like ps.

在这种情况下linux培训,您应该使用另一种脚本语言.这是 Perl 中的示例:

In this case, you should use another scripting language. Here is an example in Perl:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
open my $pipe, '|chpasswd' or die "can't open pipe: $!";

linux中passwd命令_linux passwd 命令_linux passwd命令

print {$pipe} "$username:$password"; close $pipe

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